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Welcome to our Fun Stuff Section

The buttons on the left will take you to different sections which contain various fun items we have collected over the years. These items include funny photos & cartoons, audio & video, PowerPoint slideshows, etc. We also have a group on Facebook called “OCS Fun Stuff” where everyone can share cute or funny videos, photos, cartoons and more. See below for a button you can use to join the group.

Sunday Funnies: Joke of the Day and more!

We used to email out a daily joke for over a decade, which many of our  customers enjoyed receiving. We later added funny photos, cartoons and  video clips, which were sent out on a random basis. Unfortunately, due  to time constraints many years ago we had to suspend this entertaining  service.

We started the service back up again on April Fool’s Day in 2012 and sent out a weekly issue pretty much without fail until the end of the year. We had to scale it back to twice per month for 2013 and eventually had to suspend the service once again. It is fun to put these things together, but sadly work always seems to get in the way.

OCS Fun Stuff
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This group will be for sharing funny videos, photos, cartoons and anything else of that nature. Only good, clean, family friendy postings are allowed in this group. Enjoy!
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